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White Quartz Cluster with Light Green Fluorite Inclusions, Black Tourmaline and Pyrite from Peru / 634g / Collection / Cabinet Size Class

White Quartz Cluster with Light Green Fluorite Inclusions, Black Tourmaline and Pyrite from Peru / 634g / Collection / Cabinet Size Class

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Country of Origin : Peru

Weight : 634g / 1lb 6.3oz

Measurements : 3 1/2" x 6" x 3" || 8.8 x 15.2 x 7.6 cm

Milky white quartz, with what looks like snowy, glittering calcite in it's cracks. There is a dusting of pyrite, which glitters when turned in the light. There are several shafts of glossy black tourmaline crystals using the quartz as a host. There are also several light green fluorite crystals, easily identifiable through UV light. There is a fairly prominent octahedral fluorite crystal at it's base. This crystal is also self standing.

~*~ Your purchase will arrive beautifully packaged, with a white sage leaf & surprise crystal! It has been smudged, sound cleared, and tuned to the 963hz solfeggio frequency. ~*~

Metaphysical properties of Clear Quartz:
Quartz is the most common mineral found here on Mama Earth. It's a silicate mineral with a Mohs hardness of 7. Clear Quartz resonates with all of the chakras, but Crystal Healers use it mostly on the upper chakras. Clear Quartz is all about amplification. It can literally amplify anything from your intentions, to other gemstones. I like to include Clear Quartz in everything I do with crystals because it is such a great amplifier of energy. Clear Quartz gives you a clear channel to Source and your Higher Self. It can really open you up to your connection with the Divine. It has a high vibration that feels awakening and energizing. Clear Quartz lives up to it's name, it can increase clarity. It's extremely helpful in meditation. It helps clear your mind, it helps you focus on the meditation, and it helps you to understand any messages that may be coming through. Clear Quartz is also highly programmable. It can be programmed for any intention you could possibly have. Sometimes you have an intention that is so specific, you may not have a crystal that works for that exact intention. That's where Clear Quartz comes to the rescue. You can program it to do that very specific thing. It's great for beginners who might not have a big collection of crystals yet and are limited in their options, just program a Clear Quartz!

Metaphysical Properties of Pyrite:
Pyrite is also known as Fool’s Gold. It resonates with the Solar Plexus chakra. Pyrite brings confidence, strength, and stamina. Because of its association with gold, Pyrite is a prosperity stone. Its ushers in an abundance and flow of money. Pyrite is good for digestion and issues related to the stomach. It eases nausea and upset stomach. Pyrite is helpful for anyone suffering from autoimmune diseases like Crohn’s and IBS.

Metaphysical Properties of Green Fluorite:
Green Fluorite resonates with the Heart chakra. It opens and clears blockages in the Heart. Green Fluorite invites you to love yourself and others more unconditionally. It helps to release heartbreak and restore your faith in love. Fluorite is a stone of structure and organization. It brings order out of disorder. Green Fluorite helps you organize your thoughts and gives clarity to the mind. Fluorite is widely known as a scholar's stone. Fluorite is a soul pathing stone and can assist you in finding your soul purpose or Dharma. It is good for meditation, easing stress, and calming. Fluorite is detoxing and can help with many physical illnesses, including cold and flu.

Metaphysical Properties of Black Tourmaline:
Black Tourmaline, also known as Schorl, is a popular stone because of its important metaphysical properties. Black Tourmaline resonates with our Earth Star and Root chakras and is a member of the Sacred Grounding Trio. It is one of the most important and powerful stones for protection. Black Tourmaline creates boundaries and keeps out negativity and unwanted energies. It is extremely beneficial for people who live or work in toxic environments. Black Tourmaline is well known for its ability to transmute negative energy into more useful, beneficial energy. It also neutralizes and protects against EMF and 5G. Black Tourmaline is a cleanser and purifier. It cleanses and protects your Aura from unwanted energies. It also detoxes and cleanses our physical bodies of wastes, heavy metals, and pollutants.

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