About Us

I'm passionate about sharing my knowledge and love for crystals with the world.

Hey there Lovely People, I’m Orchid Sunrise, and I’m the founder of Priestess Provisions. Thank you for visiting our Etsy page! I’m proud to offer you our handmade and one of a kind crystal healing tools and treasures.

The road to Priestess Provisions has been a lifelong journey. I really feel that with Priestess Provisions I have found my soul purpose. My story begins with my childhood, where I collected and loved crystals and gemstones. At that age, I didn’t understand why I was so drawn to them or why they seemed so special. I did a whole lot of growing up over the next couple of decades, and it wasn’t until my mid twenties that my fascination for gemstones was piqued again.

When my husband at the time’s grandmother died, I inherited her engagement ring. It absolutely blew me away. I had never seen a diamond like that up close before, and I was stunned. It was a 2 carat, Old European Cut, VS1. After receiving that ring, I became obsessed with diamonds. I tracked down an old book written by the GIA called Diamonds: Famous, Notable and Unique. I read all about world famous stones such as the Hope Diamond and the Koh-i-Noor. The mystery and legends, the wars and intrigue, the “curses”, thefts, disappearances, surrounding the history of these stones, was so fascinating to me. But I still didn’t understand why. Yes, they’re beautiful and rare, but I knew there was more to it than just that. I just couldn’t figure out what it was. I STILL didn’t get it.

It took me literally hitting rock bottom to finally figure out why crystals are so special. It was early 2016. I had gotten fired from my main job, my marriage was failing, one of my dogs was really sick, and I was depressed, lonely, and bitter. I had a lot of free time on my hands because I was only working at my part time job (Kay Jewelers- I applied to work there because I wanted to be around diamonds so bad). I didn’t really have a whole lot of hobbies at the time either. I was laying around watching YouTube one day, when it auto-played a video that turned my whole life around. Spirit Science, the Crystal Movie blew the rabbit hole wide open for me. Thank you, Spirit Science!

Crystals have amazing healing energy! Suddenly my lifelong obsession with stones made sense! All along, I knew deep down there was something magical about them. Now I had the confirmation I so desperately needed. It opened the door to Spirituality for me. I had been raised Christian but it never resonated with me. Suddenly I had something to believe in, something to guide me, something to live for. It was the most amazing transformation. My depression, apathy, confusion, and bitterness just vanished.

So now I had to know everything about crystal healing. I wanted to know everything about all things Spiritual, but I decided to start with crystals, since that was what got me there in the first place. I got some crystals and starting doing little rituals with them and keeping a journal. I spent a lot of time reading about crystal healing and was just a beginner at this point. I didn’t know what the hell I was doing, but I was doing it. Working with the crystals gave me the push I needed to go out and get another job. After 3 months of only working part time at Kay, I got a bartending job. Shortly after I started, I was promoted to bar manager. I know it was the crystals. They restored my vibrancy, my life force. And it was affecting everything around me.

In reading about crystal healing I noticed that there is a lot of conflicting information and a lot of woo-woo ideas out there. I wanted to know more than what I was finding in books and on websites. I started following Hibiscus Moon and in 2017 I graduated from her Certified Crystal Healer Course. Now I felt confident about my crystal healing knowledge and ability to work as a Crystal Healer.

The thing the crystals couldn’t save was my dying dog and my dying marriage. I used crystal healing to help ease Bub’s transition and his pain. He died in early 2017. Crystals helped me cope with the loss. It became clear to me that to be able to grow Spiritually I would have to leave my marriage. It had become a toxic environment, and there was no fixing it, I had already been trying to fix it for over a year at that point. You can’t be a healer if you can’t heal yourself. All of my meditations, messages from Spirit Guides and Angels, were basically screaming at my to leave my marriage. But I was sooo afraid! I knew I had to do it, but I was terrified of moving out on my own. I looked at apartments. I found something mediocre that was affordable. I filled out the application, but I couldn’t submit it. I got cold feet.

A couple of weeks later, I received my CCH certificate from the Hibiscus Moon Crystal Academy. I was also promoted at work again, this time to General Manager. On Monday March 20th 2017, I took my certificate in to a Michael’s store to get it custom framed. I was really proud of it and wanted to frame it properly. I walked up to the framing counter and no one was there. I peeked in the back room, the lights were off, and I didn’t see anybody. I was getting annoyed at the lack of service, and almost left, when I saw a little bell on the counter. I rang the bell and a nerdy guy walked out. The twilight zone theme started playing in my head, and I felt slightly like I had been struck by lightning. It was love at first sight. We had a very memorable conversation. He asked me how I was, I said “good, how are you”...he responded with “I’m alive.” I smiled and kind of snickered and told him that I was glad he was alive. This nerdy guy’s name turned out to be Austin, a name I had been running into a lot over the past few weeks. I didn’t think it was a coincidence. Austin was my knight in shining armor. He was going to rescue me from my toxic marriage. He was my ticket out, my savior. As soon as he told me his name, I just knew it. The reason I got cold feet with the apartment, was because I was going to meet Austin.

Three weeks after we met, I moved out of my house with my husband, and into Austin’s apartment. A few weeks later, we realized I was pregnant! In a matter of three weeks, my entire life changed. New position at work, new boyfriend, new apartment, new BABY!! It was an insane time of my life. My ex-husband wasn’t too happy about me leaving him for another guy, either. He stole my car and threatened litigation, and he harassed my friends and family. I don’t blame him for any of that stuff anymore. He had a right to be angry with me because I was a really bad wife. Now that it’s 2 years later, it’s crazy, but we are actually friends.

While I was pregnant with Arya, I signed up for Hibiscus Moon’s Advanced Crystal Master course. It wasn’t an easy pregnancy for me, and I was very uncomfortable the entire time. Having the course work to keep me focused on crystals, and not the pregnancy, was absolutely awesome. It was a lot harder than the first course, but I felt well prepared to take it on. I loved the challenge.

Arya was born on the 2nd to last day of 2017. My maternity leave was a wonderful time. The three of us Mom, Dad, and baby were just blissful. I got my ACM certificate in the Spring of 2018 but with a newborn baby to take care of, my crystal practice got largely ignored. I had also come to the slightly uncomfortable realization that maybe Crystal Healing and working one on one with clients isn’t for me. I was an ACM and had only ever done 1 healing session with a paying client. When she didn’t ask to re-book with me, it just kind of solidified that fear. Maybe I’m not meant to be a Crystal Healer after all. So I had been ignoring my crystals, the client didn’t work out, and I just went back to ignoring my crystals.

A few months went by and I felt absolutely stupid for spending so much money on Crystal Healing courses, my crystal collection, and books, and all of that shit. I wasn’t putting any of it to use or seeing any return on my investment. Then I thought back to the beginning of my crystal journey and how magical it was. How crystals got me to where I was. I desperately wanted to get out of the restaurant industry. I desperately wanted to be able to make a living using my knowledge and passion for crystals.

There had to be another way for me to make a living, while also living my passion. Then it dawned on me. It was so simple. Jewelry. I have always loved jewelry! Why shouldn’t I make my own and sell it on Etsy? I couldn’t believe I hadn’t thought of it before. It was so obvious. I gathered up some gemstone beads and jewelry making supplies. I made a few stretchy bracelets, and loved it! Then I made some earrings, and loved that! And just like that, it all clicked into place. Something I love and enjoy doing, sharing my passion for Crystal Healing with people all over the world.

And that, Lovely People, is how Priestess Provisions was born.