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Shangaan Amethyst Crystal in Quartz Druzy from Zimbabwe for Collection / 27.33g / Meditation/ Miniature Class

Shangaan Amethyst Crystal in Quartz Druzy from Zimbabwe for Collection / 27.33g / Meditation/ Miniature Class

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Location : Chibuku Mine, Masvingo Province, Zimbabwe

Approximate weight : 27.33g / 0.964oz / 136.65ct

Measurements : 1 1/2" x 2 1/2" x 1 1/8" || 3.8 x 6.3 x 2.8 cm

Named after the indigenous people who mine these beautiful crystals, Shangaan Amethyst exhibits many similarities to Brandbergs. Relatively new to the market, they're often laced with tendrils of hematite, which can look like specular dots or wispy lines of red needles. They're often a mix of clear, smoky and purple and come in the weirdest shapes and sizes! We are lucky to have found a few, as they're not common at all. These come to us straight from Africa!

~*~ Your purchase will arrive beautifully packaged, with a white sage leaf & surprise crystal! It has been smudged, sound cleared & tuned to the 963 hz solfeggio frequency. I anoint all stones in sacred oils, it will smell amazing. ~*~

Metaphysical properties of Amethyst:
Amethyst is a favorite of all types of gemstone lovers, the Geological and Metaphysical communities alike. We are all enchanted and fascinated by Amethyst. A silicate mineral and member of the Quartz family, Amethyst has a Mohs hardness of 7. It resonates with the Third Eye and Crown chakras. Amethyst bares a sweet energy of divine protection. It eases stress, depression, and anxiety. It can help you to sleep and dream peacefully. Amethyst energy is calming, soothing, and peaceful. Amethyst expands your awareness, helping you to see things from a bigger perspective. Amethyst enhances your sense of unity with the universe, and helps you to understand your connection to Source. Amethyst is a stone of spiritual awareness. It’s quite a gentle stone, and is great for animals and children. In the times of ancient Greece, Amethyst was used widely to prevent drunkenness. The ancient Greek name for Amethyst actually translates to "not drunk". In modern times, Crystal Healers turn to Amethyst for releasing addictions. It can be a very powerful ally in helping you to release any behavior that is not serving your Highest Good.

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