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Congo Lemurian Quartz Cluster from DRC for Crystal Healing / 154g / Meditation / Collection / Rare Find

Congo Lemurian Quartz Cluster from DRC for Crystal Healing / 154g / Meditation / Collection / Rare Find

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Location : Lwena, Democratic Republic of Congo

Weight : 154g / 5.5oz

Measurements : 2" x 4" x 2" || 5 x 10.1 x 5 cm

A new arrival for us, these awesome quartz specimens look like a cross between Diamantina and Guerrero quartz with striated "Lemurian" lines across their faces. By nature of what they have had to endure before they arrived with us, not unlike Congo Citrine, they can have minor damage. Some of them seem to have a hint of citrine, or yellowing, as well. They also, at times, exhibit "Kundalini" growth, much like their citrine cousins.

~*~ Your purchase will arrive beautifully packaged, with a white sage leaf & surprise crystal! It has been smudged, sound cleared, and tuned to the 963hz solfeggio frequency. I anoint all stones in sacred oils, it will smell amazing! ~*~

Metaphysical Properties of Congo Lemurian Quartz:
This Lemurian Quartz comes to us from the Congo. It is said that the Lemurian priests and priestesses encoded them with their Sacred knowledge, leaving the barcode-like striations on the sides of the Quartz. They then hid the crystals where they would be found by modern humans when we needed them most. Lemurian Quartz resonates with the Third Eye, Crown, and Soul Star chakras. Working with Lemurian crystals will aid you in unlocking past life memories and ancient Lemurian wisdom. Run your index finger on your receiving hand (your non-dominant hand) over the barcodes of your crystal during meditation to access its stored wisdom. They also enhance lucid dreaming and astral travel. Lemurian Quartz is a stone of unity; reminding us that we are all connected, all part of the collective consciousness. They can help us fight off loneliness and feelings of separation.

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