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Capricorn Zodiac Crystal Kit with 1oz Copper Coin / Astrology Kit / Medicine Bag / Crystal Set / Crystal Kit

Capricorn Zodiac Crystal Kit with 1oz Copper Coin / Astrology Kit / Medicine Bag / Crystal Set / Crystal Kit

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This listing is for one Capricorn Zodiac mojo bag. I intuitively craft my mojo bags to align with specific intentions. The Capricorn Zodiac is for birth dates from December 22nd to January 20th. This kit contains five stones along with a copper coin to fully embrace your inner Capricorn! Get confident and start manifesting your dreams with this beautiful Capricorn kit!

You will receive: One 1oz Capricorn Zodiac Copper Coin, 1 Tumbled Onyx, 1 tumbled Fluorite, 1 Polished Labradorite Heart, 1 Tumbled Baltic Amber and 1 clear quartz point in a silk pouch with a zipper.

~*~ Your purchase will arrive beautifully packaged, with a white sage leaf & surprise crystal! It has been smudged, sound cleared, and tuned to the 963hz solfeggio frequency. I anoint all stones with sacred oils, it will smell amazing! ~*~

Metaphysical Properties of Copper :
Copper is a metal and an Element on the periodic table. Copper is used in crystal healing because it is an amazing conductor of energy. It opens blocked energy channels and restores proper energetic flow. Copper also has antibacterial and antimicrobial properties. It relieves pain and inflammation in the body. Meditate with Copper to stimulate energy flow, and add it to your crystal healing routines to assist the crystals in restoring energetic balance and alignment.

Metaphysical Properties of Onyx :

Metaphysical Properties of Green Fluorite:
Green Fluorite resonates with the Heart chakra. It opens and clears blockages in the Heart. Green Fluorite invites you to love yourself and others more unconditionally. It helps to release heartbreak and restore your faith in love. Fluorite is a stone of structure and organization. It brings order out of disorder. Green Fluorite helps you organize your thoughts and gives clarity to the mind. Fluorite is widely known as a scholar's stone. Fluorite is a soul pathing stone and can assist you in finding your soul purpose or Dharma. It is good for meditation, easing stress, and calming. Fluorite is detoxing and can help with many physical illnesses, including cold and flu.

Metaphysical Properties of Labradorite:
Labradorite is a member of the Fledspar family, it can resonate with all the chakras depending on the dominant colors in the stone. It is well known for its "flash" which is also known as Labradoressence and chatoyancy. It is a black and greyish stone, but when it flashes in the light you can see any color of the rainbow! Labradorite was first discovered on the island of Labrador, for which it was named. The people of Labrador believed that Labradorite fell from the Auroras and that the light of the Aurora Borealis was trapped inside. Labradorite is the stone of the New Moon and setting intentions. It is an amazing stone for new beginnings. When you wish upon a star, you should wish upon your Labradorite too! Labradorite helps you to see the beauty & magic in the mundane parts of life. It is a powerful and important stone for shamans, healers, and other mystics because it is strongly associated with magic. Labradorite is good for the respiratory system and alleviates symptoms of colds & flu.

Metaphysical Properties of Amber:
Amber is technically not a crystal- it is fossilized tree resin, but still has powerful healing energy and can be used in healing applications the same way a crystal can be. You may notice that amber is very lightweight compared to your crystals of the same size, and that is because it is tree resin and not gemstone.
Amber resonates with the Sacral and Solar Plexus chakras. This glowing golden stone has been prized since ancient times as a talisman and a valuable gem. Amber is known to have powerful purification & cleansing properties and can be used for clearing karma and healing your lineage. Working with amber can also assist in accessing ancestor wisdom and past life recall. You can work with amber to draw dis-ease from the physical, mental, and emotional bodies, it then can transmute that energy into positive white light. Amber is great for Sacral chakra issues, it helps you get in touch with your emotions and desires, your true authentic self, and expressing them in a way that is comfortable and empowering.

Amber Correspondences:
Chakra- Sacral, Solar Plexus
Planet- Sun
Zodiac- Leo, Aquarius, Cancer
Element- Fire
Color- Red, Yellow, Orange, Brown
Keywords- Purification, Healing, Wisdom

Metaphysical properties of Clear Quartz:
Quartz is the most common mineral found here on Mama Earth. It's a silicate mineral with a Mohs hardness of 7. Clear Quartz resonates with all of the chakras, but Crystal Healers use it mostly on the upper chakras. Clear Quartz is all about amplification. It can literally amplify anything from your intentions, to other gemstones. I like to include Clear Quartz in everything I do with crystals because it is such a great amplifier of energy. Clear Quartz gives you a clear channel to Source and your Higher Self. It can really open you up to your connection with the Divine. It has a high vibration that feels awakening and energizing. Clear Quartz lives up to it's name, it can increase clarity. It's extremely helpful in meditation. It helps clear your mind, it helps you focus on the meditation, and it helps you to understand any messages that may be coming through. Clear Quartz is also highly programmable. It can be programmed for any intention you could possibly have. Sometimes you have an intention that is so specific, you may not have a crystal that works for that exact intention. That's where Clear Quartz comes to the rescue. You can program it to do that very specific thing. It's great for beginners who might not have a big collection of crystals yet and are limited in their options, just program a Clear Quartz!

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