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Aegirine and Epidote Cluster with Quartz from Prince of Wales Island, Alaska / 75.69g / Mineral Collection / Miniature Class

Aegirine and Epidote Cluster with Quartz from Prince of Wales Island, Alaska / 75.69g / Mineral Collection / Miniature Class

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Location : Bokan Mountain Complex, Prince of Wales Island, Alaska

Weight : 75.69g / 2.670oz

Measurements : 2 1/2" x 1 1/4" x 2" || 6.3 x 3.1 x 5 cm

A lovely specimen from an old collection from Dana Wilson, M.D. Dark green Epidote with glossy Aegirine comprise the majority of this cluster, with some quartz crystals growing. There is a hole that passes through the entirety of the specimen, which is rimmed with smaller quartz points. An incredibly glossy and terminated Aegirine crystal grows on one end, with a bit of Aegirine, glossy, on the other side. This crystal comes from an incredibly remote and difficult area to traverse.

~*~ Your purchase will arrive beautifully packaged, with a white sage leaf & surprise crystal! It has been smudged, sound cleared, and tuned to the 963hz solfeggio frequency. I anoint all stones in sacred oils, it will smell amazing! ~*~

Metaphysical properties of Clear Quartz:
Quartz is the most common mineral found here on Mama Earth. It's a silicate mineral with a Mohs hardness of 7. Clear Quartz resonates with all of the chakras, but Crystal Healers use it mostly on the upper chakras. Clear Quartz is all about amplification. It can literally amplify anything from your intentions, to other gemstones. I like to include Clear Quartz in everything I do with crystals because it is such a great amplifier of energy. Clear Quartz gives you a clear channel to Source and your Higher Self. It can really open you up to your connection with the Divine. It has a high vibration that feels awakening and energizing. Clear Quartz lives up to it's name, it can increase clarity. It's extremely helpful in meditation. It helps clear your mind, it helps you focus on the meditation, and it helps you to understand any messages that may be coming through. Clear Quartz is also highly programmable. It can be programmed for any intention you could possibly have. Sometimes you have an intention that is so specific, you may not have a crystal that works for that exact intention. That's where Clear Quartz comes to the rescue. You can program it to do that very specific thing. It's great for beginners who might not have a big collection of crystals yet and are limited in their options, just program a Clear Quartz!

Metaphysical Properties of Aegirine:

Aegirine is a rare black crystal, and one of the most powerful crystals for protection. It resonates with the Root chakra. Aegirine was named after Aegir, the Norse god of the Sea. Work with Aegirine to shield your aura and your space from unwanted energies. This black gem is one of the best crystals for protection and safeguarding. A little goes a long way! Aegirine is so powerful it can make you unapproachable. It creates a bubble or shield of protection around your aura that seriously nothing can penetrate. Crystal healing with Aegirine effectively removes blockages and negativity from the physical and energetic bodies. Aegirine is helpful for releasing addictions and toxicity in the physical body. This stone increases honesty and confidence while encouraging you to follow your heart. Wear Aegirine as an amulet to stay shielded and protected wherever you go. Place it in your home to protect your belongings and loved ones. Meditate with Aegirine to clear stuck energy and release negativity.

Metaphysical Properties of Epidote:
Epidote is a dark green crystal that is often found as an inclusion in other minerals. It resonates with the heart chakra. Epidote is a powerful manifestation stone. Its energy helps bring you what you seek by dissolving away any obstacles to your goals. Work with epidote to summon and attract your desires. Epidote supports weight loss and digestion. It boosts the immune & nervous systems and promotes restful sleep.

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