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2" Natural Kundalini Congo Citrine Point for Altar and Home Decor / 54.48g / Energy Work / Crystal Healing / Reiki

2" Natural Kundalini Congo Citrine Point for Altar and Home Decor / 54.48g / Energy Work / Crystal Healing / Reiki

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Location : Lwena, Katanga, Democratic Republic of the Congo

Freestanding : No

Weight : 54.48g / 1.921oz / 272.30ct

Measurements : 1 1/4" x 2" x 1" || 3.1 x 5.0 x 2.5 cm

A singular point of Congo citrine. It has a light golden hue to it, though the crystal itself has a somewhat hazy appearance to it. It is in exceptional condition.

Quartz var. Natural Citrine “Kundalini”

This citrine is not heat treated. We boo and hiss at that stuff. This material comes to us straight from Africa and as such are as they were when they were mined. We select the best of the lot, although minor damage is to be expected. The local mining conditions have improved but the general infrastructure (roads and transportation) that these crystals have to go through before they get to us will take many years to get better. We, at most, take a pulsating brush tip with warm water and a water pick to remove as much clay as possible, although this is much harder than it would seem. Sometimes, late at night, I will listen to music and do this for as long as my hands will tolerate!

~*~ Your purchase will arrive beautifully packaged, with a white sage leaf & surprise crystal! It will also be smudged & charged under a full moon, ready to work with you! ~*~

Metaphysical Properties of Citrine:
Citrine is the yellow member of the Quartz family. It resonates with the Solar Plexus chakra. Citrine is a prosperity and abundance stone. It's known as the Merchant's stone. Citrine helps you manifest your intentions. It has a sunny and masculine energy, and dissolves away sadness. Citrine also boots mental clarity, creativity, confidence, bravery, and will power. Citrine improves gut health, fights nausea, indigestion, and upset stomach.

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