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Garnet Gemstone Root Chakra Tassel Statement Earrings

Garnet Gemstone Root Chakra Tassel Statement Earrings

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This listing is for one pair of Garnet Root chakra tassel earrings. You can choose either silver or gold plated. Show off your spirituality, and get your Root chakra aligned with these beautiful Garnet earrings. These are the most insanely beautiful Garnet beads I have ever seen. Made with super gemmy, transparent Garnet beads, a gold plated Muladhara symbol, gold plated findings, and a red tassel to correspond with the Root chakra. As a jewelry lover, I know it's impossible to find stylish gemstone earrings that don't contain man made and dyed stones. So I decided to make my own! All of my gemstone jewelry is made with 100% natural, untreated stones. Your purchase will arrive smudged & charged under a full moon, ready to work with you!

Metaphysical properties of Garnet:
Garnet is a beautiful precious gem that can be found in many colors. These garnets are a deep red that resonates with the Root chakra. Garnet is a stone of grounding. Garnet gives confidence, stamina, and prosperity. It's a stone of passion and creativity. Garnet will ignite your sex drive and get your creative energies flowing. Physically, Garnet helps with blood issues like anemia and low blood pressure. It also strengthens your skeletal system, lungs, and heart. Emotionally, Garnet calms and centers your emotions, eases depression, and helps you overcome trauma.

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